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Plinko Game

Plinko, renowned from the game show "The Price is Right," is a captivating casino game that seamlessly melds both maths and physics. Players are enamoured by the Plinko pegs that dictate the movement of the pink ball, which takes the place of traditional chips. Unlike ordinary online slots, Plinko stands out with its unique gameplay. You can play Plinko as the ball ricochets off pegs on the Plinko board, creating unpredictable trajectories. The Plinko casino game is optimised for mobile play, shining especially in its quick autoplay drops.

Want to experience it without commitment? Try the Plinko game in demo mode through Hacksaw Gaming or ramp up the excitement by playing Plinko online with real stakes. But always remember to play responsibly.

Best Casinos to Play Plinko

For 2023, Plinko enthusiasts will find our site indispensable for navigating online casinos offering the beloved Plinko game. Dive deep into the world of Plinko gambling with us, and don't miss out on genuine cash jackpots! Here's a quick look at some top casino games similar to Plinko casino game.

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Plinko gambling

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Meaning & Rules of Plinko Game

Developed in 2019, Plinko is an alluring table game that has players predicting the landing box of a ball as it journeys down a pyramid of dots. This game, now frequently played on various website platforms, illuminates its main screen with vibrant multipliers, ensuring that every drop is thrilling.

Game NamePlinko
Date of Creation2019
DeveloperTable game
Mobile CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Minimum Stake1
Maximum Stake100
Top Prize100,000

The central part of the board, bathed 9in a soothing green, denotes frequent landing spots with the smallest multipliers. On the other hand, the pyramid's edges, where the ball rolls to less often, tantalise players with the grandest prizes, although such an outcome is less probable.

BGaming offers a free demo version of Plinko on its website, allowing players to practise and watch the ball's descent. After engaging in this game for a couple of hours, it was evident that a random number generator dictates the ball's trajectory, making the win depends more on luck and probability than strategy.

The game is super simple and you get to decide your risk:

High Risk Level: You stand to gain up to x29, but watch out! The central cells yield only x0.3, translating to smaller payout or even a lose.

Typical Risk Level: This spans 8 rows with up to x13 multipliers. The core yields between x0.4 to x0.7.

Low Risk Level: Designed for those of varying age groups and experience, multipliers here range from x0.5 to x5.6.

Another strategic layer emerges with the option to tailor the row count, from 8 to 16 lines. Opting for 16 lines coupled with a high-risk level can offer exhilarating x1000 odds.

Plinko's Game Interface Overview

The game unfolds on a single browser screen for ease. The demo version, freely available on BGaming's site, sports a basic mode with eight lines at low risk. This lets players wager between 0.5 and 5.6, and accept different cryptocurrencies.

Primary buttons and the betting control are easily navigable. Atop the page, buttons furnish game rules, ensure RNG fairness via Provably Fair, and handle the game's soundtrack. The Plinko game board is pyramid-like with a line scale, enabling row adjustment to tweak the probability.

The base of the Plinko screen houses a control panel. Here, you can stake between 1 and 100 coins of the chosen cryptocurrency. Risk levels for the next time can be picked on the left. On the right, choose between manual or auto mode.

In my play session, I utilised both manual and auto mode. The system supports up to 1,000 rounds consecutively. I conducted 100 rounds at a standard level with a 10-line mode, leading to a tenfold balance boost.

Besides the main game features, there's an option to modify the playfield size by selecting the row count, eliminating the need to refresh the slots page or restart the game in your browser.

Number of Lines and Coefficients in Plinko

Plinko, a favourite casino game, caters to gamblers of every age. Whether you're a seasoned gambler used to risking high stakes or a newcomer, Plinko has something for everyone. I, as a younger player in this vast world of online casinos, seldom place bets on more than 10 lines. The number of lines you opt for determines not just your payouts, but also the risk levels. For beginners, the best starting point is the Plinko demo mode. It gives you free access to understand the game's nuances without spending real money.

Here's a detailed breakdown of potential payouts across different Plinko modes:


Based on the data, if you opt to play Plinko on 16 lines at a high risk, there's a small percentage chance for a big win. While many seek the thrill of that x1000 payout, the majority would rather extend their gameplay with minimal bets. Achieving that x1000 multiplier, in my experience, once took nearly the entire free deposit in demo mode and more than 30 minutes on the browser.

How Can I Start Playing Plinko?

Plinko casino game Australia

Thinking of playing? Consider a Plinko casino in operation since 2018. They offer a range of slots and sports betting options. Given their age, their reputation is solid, backed by a Curacao licence. While many developers like Hacksaw Gaming offer versions of Plinko, BGaming's Plinko stands out in terms of graphics and payout structure.

To start playing, you'll need to register. The 1win platform simplifies this with two options: registering through social media or using email and phone. Here's how it typically goes:

  1. Choose your currency and provide the necessary number.
  2. Link an email and set a password.
  3. Use a promotional code if available – these often grant 1wincoins convertible to cash.
  4. Deposit money – VISA is a common choice, but they also support MasterCard, Piastrix, and even cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, if you're into gambling hacks, remember that your bet size is crucial. Always adjust it based on your risk levels. While it's tempting to place the maximum bet at Plinko gambling, it's also crucial to manage your funds wisely. And don't forget to check for any hacksaw gaming tips or strategies online. The world of Plinko casino game is vast and exciting – remember to play responsibly!

How Can I Place a Bet on Plinko?

You've always been intrigued by the thrill of Plinko gambling? Your balance is clearly visible at the screen's bottom every time you play Plinko. That number represents the money you've deposited. For beginners, the interface is user-friendly; you can place your bet in merely two clicks. To determine your bet amount, you've got the plus and minus signs, or the Min and Max options for a quick choice. For high-rollers, a maximum bet of 100 is allowed per round, so the stakes can be as high as your courage.

Bonuses & Promo Codes for Plinko

Play Plinko online

For those rating their passion for slots, the swift transition to the cash mode in the browser after deposit processing proves beneficial. This quick accessibility proves vital for those in their prime gambling age, eager to explore various games. With 1win, the money is prepped for Plinko action in just 3 seconds.

Logging into the Plinko account, the active deposit is clearly displayed at the screen's bottom, a direct reflection of the available free credits to engage in the game. To play Plinko, one must decide the bet amount. The plus and minus buttons or the Min and Max options aid in adjusting stakes conveniently. The maximum bet per round remains capped at 100. Game on!

Working Strategies for Plinko

Plinko has always been an intriguing gambling game, combining luck and strategy in a unique blend. Predicting the ball's trajectory remains an enigma to many, but over time, players have distilled some tactics that might tip the scales slightly in your favour.

Small Bets for Safe Play

The age-old wisdom of patience is crucial when playing the Plinko casino game. Staking small amounts, ideally not surpassing 10 reais, can substantially reduce the money you might lose rapidly. Betting on 10 to 12 lines, coupled with a Typical Risk setting, might just allow you to win decent amounts, like the rare x11 or x33 multipliers.

Auto-play strategy

Plinko game online real money

A modern twist to the Plinko gambling experience is the auto-play feature. This strategy, where numerous balls drop in tandem, has a curious outcome: they seldom cluster in the centre. From my recent tests, using 50 automatic bets of 5 reais each, the majority of balls favoured the higher odds slots, steering clear of the mid-section.

The Martingale Tactic's Limitations

The Martingale approach, an age-old gambling tactic where you double your bet post every loss, might not be the best fit for Plinko. To break even or witness some wins, it's imperative to score at least a 2x odd. Adapting to this, consider slightly raising your stakes after a loss, but remember to maintain a balance.

Always remember to harness casino bonuses when they're available. They're like free money, helping balance out any potential losses from your games.

Versions of Plinko Available in Casinos

Throughout the date of its existence, Plinko has evolved, with multiple versions appearing in various casinos. After playing the free demo of each, the BGaming variation caught my attention with its intuitive interface, streamlined control panel, and fantastic mobile adaptability. On top of browser gameplay, 1win also grants the choice to download the Plinko casino app.

Here's a quick scan of the various game models:

  • Plinko BGaming: The screenshots I captured showcase this version. It's easy to see why it's my top pick.
  • Plinko Spribe: Debuted in 2021 by the Georgian studio, this game allows players to bet and win up to x555 their stake.
  • Plinko Stake: Despite the max payout being an x353 multiplier, the inclusion of free spins makes it enticing. Players bet on where the red or green balls will land.
  • Plinko XY: Introduced in 2022, this newer version has an outstanding RTP of 99%. However, the peak multiplier is x15.
  • Plinko X: Its contemporary graphics draw me in, overshadowing some of the older variations.

Given that the BGaming model provides an opportunity to snag an x1000 multiplier, it's the preferred choice for many. Player feedback indicates such wins are infrequent but thrilling.

Pros & Cons of Playing Plinko

Diving into the Plinko world, are we? Before making that first bet, it's crucial to understand the allure and pitfalls of this game. Strap in, the journey's going to be unpredictable!

AddictivenessInitially planned to play Plinko for 20 minutes but ended up engrossed for an entire week.
Excitement PeakThe adrenaline surge when the ball is a hair's breadth away from x1000 is unmatched.
Versatile SettingsChange the lines and risk modes every game, allowing for diverse bet strategies.
Winning FrequencyNo universal strategy exists, but understanding the RNG, you might win every 5-6 rounds.
Casino Bonus AdaptationThe game's simplicity in terms of rewards is an advantage.
Beneficial OffersFrequently utilising 30win's 1% cashback and victory coin vouchers, it's cost-saving without skimping on the free rewards.

In wrapping up, the games' highs and lows, bright spots, and challenges are clear. Whatever you choose, play smart, enjoy the moments, and may the Plinko odds favour you!

Plinko: Reviews From Real Users

★★★★★Addictively fun! Played Plinko and was on the edge of my seat every drop. A must-bet for thrill-seekers!James Henderson
★★★★★Never thought games online could be this exhilarating. Played Plinko and got hooked. 10/10 recommend.Sarah McKinney
★★★★☆Great game to pass time. Love the suspense each drop brings. Win or lose, just wish there were more variations!Carlos Alvarez
★★★★★Been a gambler for years and Plinko? It's a game-changer. Truly a blend of strategy and luck when you bet!Emily DuBois
★★★★★Plinko is simple to learn, hard to master. This game offers a balance for newbies and seasoned players. Win big!Priya Iyer
★★★★☆The graphics, the sounds, the thrill – Plinko's got it all in its games. Just a bit slow on loading times for bets.Kevin O'Connell
★★★★★Plinko nights are my favourite games. The unpredictability of every bet keeps me coming back to win more!Zoe Patterson
★★★★☆Stumbled upon Plinko games and what a find! Wish I had discovered it sooner. More themes would be great.Ahmed Al-Bakri
★★★★★Every bet feels like a roller-coaster. I played Plinko and its unpredictability charmed me. Win big and enjoy!Anastasia Romanov
★★★★★From a gambler's perspective, Plinko games offer excitement. Haven't had such fun in ages, especially when I win!Michaela Nguyen
Plinko board

Plinko board

Plinko ball

Plinko ball

Plinko casino game

Plinko casino game

Plinko Australia

Plinko Australia

Plinko demo

Plinko demo

Free Plinko game

Free Plinko game


  • Where can I play Plinko?

    To play Plinko, look for a reputable and reliable online casino site that offers this game. Make sure it has the appropriate licence to operate legally.

  • What is the best game to win money in the casino?

    The most popular games to win money at the casino include slots, roulette, blackjack and poker. The chances of winning vary depending on the game and the skill of the player.

  • Where can I play Plinko?

    Many online casino sites offer Plinko. Look for a reliable and secure online casino with an appropriate licence and a diverse selection of games.

  • How can I make money with Plinko?

    Winning money at Plinko depends on luck and your betting strategy. Try different strategies to maximise your chances of winning and know when to stop so you don't lose too much money.

  • Where can I find the Plinko game?

    You can find the Plinko game at various online casino sites. Look for a reputable casino that offers this game in their selection and make sure they have the appropriate licence.

  • Is Plinko reliable?

    The reliability of Plinko depends on the online casino you play at. Choose a casino with a good reputation, a valid licence and solid security measures.

  • How do I win at Plinko?

    To win at Plinko, you need luck, as the outcome depends on the random trajectory of the ball. However, you can try different betting strategies to maximise your potential winnings.

  • How can I play Plinko online?

    To play Plinko online, register at a casino site, deposit funds, find the Plinko game in the games selection and follow the on-screen instructions to place your bets and start the game.

  • How does Plinko work?

    Plinko works by dropping a marble from the top of a vertical board with nails. The ball bounces off the nails until it hits one of the compartments at the bottom of the board, determining victory.

  • Where can I play at Plinko casino?

    To play Plinko casino, choose an online casino that offers this game and that has a good reputation, solid security measures and a valid licence to operate legally.